19 October 2012

Wiring Diagram: Tele HH 4-way mod with independent volumes, 1 tone, and coil split


Guitar moded

Fender Telecaster, with two humbuckers

  • Two humbuckers
  • 2 volumes
  • 1 tone
  • 2 pull/push DPDT on/on switches (under each volume pot)

Difficulty level

Medium     Features
  • Addtional position for both pickups in series
  • Humbuckers individualy split
  • Independent volume control for each humbucker
  • Master tone

Wiring diagram

Click over the diagram to see it full sized.


Important: this mod need you to drill a new hole to place the tone pot (or the additional volume pull/push pot).
Positions are:

1. Neck
2. Neck in parallel with Bridge (regular Tele position)
3. Neck in series with Bridge (additional position)
4. Bridge

Every humbucker can be independently split so, you can select to have each one in humbucker or split mode for each of those positions, giving a wide range of sounds.

Neck's pull/push splits neck humbucker, while Bridge's pull/push splits bridge humbucker.
  Since each pickup has its own independent volume control, you can mix both pickups signal to your taste but, be aware that, when both are being combined in series, both controls interactuate and, the neck's volume becomes some kind of master volume. Also, take into account that if you totally roll off bridge's volume, when both pickups are in series, you will get no sound.

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