09 October 2012

Wiring Diagram - Epiphone Genesis Custom 01


Guitar moded

Epiphone Genesis Custom

  • 2 humbuckers
  • 3-way switch
  • 2 volumes
  • 1 tone
  • 3 pull/pushes
  • 1 DPDT
  • Seymour Duncan wiring color schema (white wire = light blue in diagram)

Difficulty Level


  1. Independent volume controls for each pickup
  2. Independent coil split for each pickup
  3. Phaser switch for neck pickup
  4. Bypass volume controls on demand (to also bypass tone, we need a 3PDT switch, instead)
 Wiring Diagram

Please, double-click over the image for full size.

Requester wanted to split neck pickup using the pull/push under the neck volume pot; to split bridge pickup using the pull/push under the bridge pot; to put out-of-phase neck pickup on demand, using the pull/push under tone control; and, to use the existing DPDT to bypass controls (direct output).
In this case, when both 2 pickups are involved in the bypass feature, we can just remove volume pots. We could remove the tone pot also if we had there a 3PDT switch instead.

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