30 October 2012

Home Studio: Drums From Hell Expansion for EZDrummer


This entry was already posted in my old Spanish version of this blog during July 2009. I am just revisiting here that entry.

EZDrummer delivers a very limited set of instruments, with a very basic drumkit and a limited amount of drum patterns to play.
The DFH expansion is oriented to Hard Rock and, more specifically to Metal, increasing the number of instruments (toms, plates, double-kick, etc), patches for each instrument and patterns.


Same way as with the original EZDrummer, same need of registering the software. Other than that, once installed, everything is available under the same user interface of EZDrummer and, you just need to select the drumkit of your DFH expansion. Automatically, the interface adapts to the new drumkit, which means a lot more of different plates, a double-kick drum, more toms, etc. This expansion upgrades a very basic drumkit with a huge metal drumkit.

How it sounds

Simply, bestial!.
The original drumkit is somewhat dull or smooth, nice for very standard work but, not powerful enough for hard rock or metal stuff. So, if you want that sound, this expansion is a must for you.
The patterns are practically all oriented to metal but, playing with half tempo, they can be reused in other kind of styles, as well. For sure, you can always use the patterns that came with the original EZDrummer with this new drumkit and enjoy how alive they sound now.

Even that the number of instruments included in the drumkit are way more (6 toms, 2 kicks, several plates...), the number of outputs (tracks) is the same (8) and therefore, you need to combine some of the patches together, in the same track. By example, all toms together, all kicks together, all overheads together, etc.
The way to prepare things for recording those outputs is exactly the same we already discussed for EZDrummer 1.1.6 and Pro Tools 8.0 LE (see previous entry).

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