Custom Wiring Diagram Design Service

I appologize for any inconvenience but, lately I'm overwhelmed of work and, having literally no personal free time to cover any project on a reasonable time frame.
This service can be off during the rest of 2015.
Thank you to everyone that already relied in my skills.

Guitar Mod Plans on Demand

Split, tap, series, parallel, in phase, out of phase, half out of phase, push/pull, push/push, mini switches, super switches, ceramic, paper in oil, log pots, linear pots, and on and on.
The guitar sound you want is in there somewhere and we can help you get it.
From tiny tweaks to radical reworks, we can provide  detailed circuit designs that you can take to the luthier you trust for safe installation.  And, for tricky designs, we will work directly with your luthier as needed.

Why Mod?

Classic Tone
Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Peter Green, and other great players got their unique tones with the help of now-classic wiring mods.  You see the diagrams all over, but can you read them? Can you trust them?  We understand the classic mods and we can provide clear, color-coded designs for easy installation.

Custom Tone
Your guitar might not sound quite the way you want it to.  Fatter, thinner, cleaner, grittier – there’s a mod for that.  We will work with you to understand what you play and how you want to sound, and then we will create a unique circuit design that can make the sound in your head come out of your amp.

Choice of Tones
From twang to thunder, with the right mods, you can nail a wide range of tones with one guitar.  We are experts in giving electric guitars more voices with which to sing.  You may not need 1000 different tones, but we have actually designed such a beast for one customer, so surely we can help you find all the tones you want.

Why Hermetico Guitar?

In a word, the answer is Experience.   Through the Seymour Duncan forums and others, we have been providing reliable guitar wiring answers and designs for hundreds of players around the world for years.  And, we regularly work with professional players and working techs throughout Europe, America and Australia on both, classic vintage mods and also creative new designs.

How does it work?

We will consult with you through a few emails to get the details about your guitar and gear, the music you play, and the sound you want to get.  The more you can tell us, the better and faster the result.
We will then use specialized computer software to produce the wiring diagram(s) for the mods you have selected.  We will send the design to you (and your guitar tech if you wish).
We will work with you and your tech to make sure that the drawing is a complete and correct, and then make any final adjustments.
When the design is satisfactory, you can simply pay us through PayPal (Donate button on left bar of this blog).

Important note: if you are a left-handed guitarist, please let us know it because controls work reversed and this should be taken into account during design phase.

How much does it cost?

You pay what you can afford and what you think is fair.  You are a guitarist, we are guitarists, we think you will do the right thing.
The way we see it, if we can help you, say, nail the Woman tone with a simple mod, you will probably be happy and send us a few Euros.
And, if we make it possible for you to build the Axe for All Seasons, you will send us a few more Euros.
Either way, when you are happy with your design, you can just press the PayPal Donation button and pay what you think is fair.
Even if you have no money at all, we may be able to help you.
Music first and money second. That is our motto.

What about privacy and design rights?

We will only use your contact information to contact you.  We will not share it with or sell it to anyone.
The custom design we produce for you is your property.  We will not publish it or share it with anyone without your permission.

Where I can see your design work and get some ideas?

Please visit our Resource Page, where you can find many of our most popular mods, as well as our extensive 10-part tutorial on mods and wiring.

Anything else?

Contact us at 


  1. This Guy does a fantastic job , and real fast. I imagine his service is underutilized . Spead the word.

  2. Thanks a lot for your comments. Very kind.
    Enjoy it!.

  3. Your The Greatest, Hermetico!

  4. He is a great designer. I have commissioned several complicated mods that all turned out great.

  5. Great mod tips, where can I find the suitable graphic for this?


    1. I'm using an old software called paraben flow chart but, I guess you can use anything else with similar features.


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