Welcome to Hermetico Guitar's Blog!

This blog contains always growing information related to Electric Guitar World.
As an enthusiast of electric guitars, I am always after my tone. This leads me to test variated gear, including: guitars, amps, tubes, speakers, pedal effects, cords, cables, jacks, strings, electronics, audio software and plugins, studio gear and, whatever you can imagine related to Electric Guitar World.
This blog allows me to keep safe the information related to my own tests, as well as any other information that I am interested on, while chasing my tone.
Most of guitarist are following the same path, at different speeds so, maybe some of my findings, thoughts or tricks can be of your own interest.

Who am I?

Just a guitar enthusiast, with recognized skills to design complex (and simple) electric diagrams for electric guitars. I designed a lot of circuits for free to Seymour Duncan Forum's members for about 2 years.
I leaved the forum (and deleted about 2500 messages) when I realized that some luthiers were abusing of my goodness, making me to work in their designs that they planned to charge to their customers!.
I couldn't stand that situation: me working for free for someone that will charge an expensive fee to his customer for my work!!!. Really weird.
Since then, I am still offering my skills to everyone but, never ever for free. I have not a price list. I give you the oportunity to choose what is a fair transaction.
You can read details on all this in the Page labeled "Guitar Diagrams Design".

I am not a professional player and, I don't consider myself as a great player but, I am experienced with lot of guitars, amps, tubes, pedals, software, etc and, I digged in some Audio and Studio concepts so, maybe I can be of help to you.

I am not sponsored by any Brand, in any way. My opinions are very personal and are based in my own experience with gear and sounds. I always try fair play when writing the results of testing any gear and, when trying to write some article about some particular subject related to electric guitars.

I am not perfect.
My mother's language is Spanish so, I appologize in advance for any language related issue. Feel free to write me any comment or correction that you find necessary. I have to learn so, your comments and corrections will be welcome.
When I am digging in some particular subject, I try to go as deep as my overal skills allow but, always remember that I am not an expert in: luthery, electronics, physics, audio or whatever other discipline out of my profession (IT Professional). Therefore, if you find something incorrect in my entries, don't hesitate to correct me. Your feedback will be very welcome.

How this blog will be Organized

This blog is my third version. I ran first version in English language, for about 2 years and half, with a nice amount of visits, feedback and Diagram Design requests.
My second version was a try to do the same in Spanish language, as an experiment, which results didn't satisfy myself.

For this third version, I wanted to group in a better way the information. Due to limitations of Google's Blog Designs, I cannot organize information in a more hierarchical way.
What you will find (under Blog's Title) is a bar with a few "Static Pages".

Static Page labeled Home is the only page where blog entries will be posted (Google's limitation).
I will maintain more Static Pages (by example: amps, guitars, effects, accesories, audio, studio), with static information and links to some entries already posted on page Home. Considere those static pages as a Roadmap that will establish relationships between general concepts and entries in my blog.


Every entry in the blog will be classified according to one of this labels (labels can change in future):
  • Guitars: The topic is mainly focussed in one or more guitars. It can be a demo, review, new, comparison or whatever thing that is related to the instrument as a whole.
  • Pickups: The topic is focussed just in pickups.
  • Pedals: The topic is related to guitar effect pedals.
  • Amps: The topic is mainly focussed in some amp, considered as a whole.
  • Tubes: The topic is about tube valves.
  • Wirings: The topic is related to certain guitar wiring design.
  • Gear: The topic is related to other equipment different from amp, pedals and guitar' stuff
  • Accesories: The topic is related to non electronic accesories for guitar.
  • Home Studio: The topic is related to Home Studio stuff, this includes software, plugins, pre-amps, mics, mixing info, etc.
  • Others: Anything that cannot fit any of the other labels. Usually, global information, news or side topics.
You can always click over a certain label to see every blog entry classified under it.

Search utility

Search utility can be found also at right hand and, it allows you to search for whatever topic you are interested on, inside the blog, in the same way as you would do by using the Google' search utility.


Pages (including this one) can be reached in the tabs under the blog's header and before blog's entries.
Every page contains information provided as fixed sections. It can be updated from time to time, mainly to correct wrong information (when detected) or to better clarify some aspect.
The page can be some kind of Index for blog entries related to a common topic.

Final note

I really hope that at least a bit of any information contained in this blog can be of your interest or help.
Everytime, I am trying to be as accurated as possible without diving in so deep in topics to bore guitarists that (as myself) aren't specialists in related disciplines.

Remember that English is my second language and, I am doing my best to translate my ideas to a foreign language so, expect confussing paragraphs, false friends and all that kind of stuff.
Feel free to leave a comment, to correct or improve any wrong sentence or word. You can email me, also.
Any feedback will be highly appreaciated. Please, help me to improve my English.

Troll's comments will be ignored and, usually removed. If your comment was removed or ignored then, yes, you are certainly a Troll. Please, choose another destination for your "trollery".

If you like entries of this blog, please push that "Recommend to Google" button, at upper right side. Thanks in advance!!!.