11 November 2012

Wiring Diagram: Custom Carvin mods 02 and 03


Guitar Moded

Carvin Custom HH

  • HH pickup layout
  • 2 humbuckers (Seymour Duncan)
  • 1 volume pot
  • 1 tone pot
  • 1 Schaller Megaswitch E (regular 5-way) or 1 Fender 5-way switch

Difficulty Level



  • Provides full humbuckers and split combinations
  • Simple treble bleed mod (just a cap)

Wiring Diagram

Two diagrams, this time. Both are designed for Seymour Duncan pickups.
First one is the solution with a Schaller Megaswitch E (regular 5-way), that will work also with any cheap Asian importation switch.
Second one is same wiring with a regular and trustful Fender 5-way blade switch.
Remember to click on the images for full size.


To adapt the Custom Charvel Wiring Mod 01 to Seymour Duncan pickups it's even trickier than the original mod was. While Charvel pickups split by default (grounding the link) to TOP pickup, Seymour Duncan split by default to inner coil (usually slug coil), except for some tricky pickups, like the P-Rails.

That means that while in Charvel, with regular split, with achieve the outer coil of the neck and the inner coil of the bridge (they are both their respective "top" pickups in their position), in standard SD' split, we achieve inner coil in neck (or bottom pickup for Charvel) and inner coil in bridge (or top pickup for charvel).

A direct remapping of wires, from Mod 01, doesn't give us the right combinations. When I split humbuckers to single coils, I prefer to favor the inside (or top) coil of the bridge and the outer coil (or top) of the neck, so we achieve two things at same time: first to get the louder coil for each position and, second to get hum cancelling positions if both pickups are being selected together.

So, I redesigned mod 01 for Seymour Duncan pickups, to achieve following combos:

1. Neck humbucker
2. Neck split to outer coil (screw)
3. Bridge split to inner coil (slug) in series with Neck split to outer coil (screw)
4. Bridge split to inner coil (Slug)
5. Bridge humbucker.

To achieve those results, I had to totally reverse the way both coils are being put in series in both pickups.


  1. i think there is a problem in the picture of mod 3 because the neck wire is not there to the volume like in mod 2.greethings frits from the netherlands

    1. Do you mean the black wire going from lug N of the right side of the importation switch to the grounding lug of the volume pot?.
      This is just grounding lug N.
      And you can see it grounding in lug N of the left side of the fender switch.
      Both are equivalent.

  2. Analisando o esquema, parece que só irá funcionar quando a chave estiver na posição bridge ou bridge/middle, pois é onde se verifica que há uma ligação ao volume pot. Nas outras posições não há saída do sinal para o pot de volume, não gerando sinal de saída. Não entendi o esquema.

  3. hay, i found this wiring and i like it. but i have a question. how to wiring the bridge coil to the outer (screw) on split mode?

    so the layout are :
    1. Neck humbucker
    2. Neck split to outer coil (screw)
    3. Bridge split to outer coil (screw) in series with Neck split to outer coil (screw)
    4. Bridge split to outer coil (screw)
    5. Bridge humbucker.

    please reply...
    and thanks...


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