13 November 2012

Wiring Diagram: Jimmy Page's mod


Guitar Modded

Gibson Les Paul

  • HH Pickup layout (4 conductors)
  • 1 Swiftcraft 3-way toggle switch
  • 2 volume pots with pull/push
  • 2 tone pots with pull/push

Difficulty Level



  • Provides standard LP combos, plus a high variety of other combinations.
  • Independent volume and tone for each pickup.
Wiring Diagram

Click on the diagram for a full sized view.


When someone wants the highest versatility for its limited Les Paul (just 3 pickups combinations against the stock 5 combinations of a Strato), he/she immediately thinks on Jimmy Page's mod.
This mod provides 21 very interesting combinations, that can be read here: (click for full size pickup):
What I don't like about Jimmy Page's approach is the following:
  • There are several combinations where all what you get is a blackout (no sound)
  • It's not easy to map in your memory what controls to pull or push to achieve a given combination
This design is really tricky and needs a careful inspection and hard explanation.
I've seen many other wiring diagrams around there that are incorrect.
A nice one can be found on Seymour Duncan's forum (The Vault), drawn by ArtiToo, with the information that Robert S or Jeremy gave to him. That list above was prepared by some of those two guys (thanks!).
You can easily detect other false JP mods because you will see the two central lugs of the 3-way soldered together, what is not part of the JP mod and, one of the tricks that this mod wisely uses.

I have my enhanced version of this wiring, named Hermetico's LP Exchanger mod 3 that will introduce, once I update the design to a moderner look.


  1. I'm a little late to the party but I'm about to attempt this wiring mod after giving up on the Seymour Duncan version. Each attempt at the SD mod resulted in some kind of problem of ground hum, buzz, low output from a pickup or just no sound. I'm thinking this couldn't be as bad, why not give it a whirl.

    1. I'm late also!. Ha ha ha.
      Anyway, you can consider this diagram as a true 'oficial JP's diagram'.

  2. I would like to do this but it looks harder than Chinese Algebra. Thanks for posting, I'll show this to my guitar tech.


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