13 November 2012

Wiring Diagram: Mike Richardson mod 03


Guitar Modded

Fender Stratocaster SSS

  • SSS pickup layout
  • 3 single coils, direct Fender replacement pickups
  • 1 volume pot with pull/push
  • 2 tone pots
  • 1 Fender Super Switch
Difficulty Level


  • Provides standard SSS switching mode plus an alternative mode with interesting combos.
Wiring Diagram

This is the original sketch from Mike Richardson's:

What can be a bit hard to understand for some people.
I translated that sketch to a more friendly diagram. This is the diagram:



This is a more standard alternative to mod 02 of same author, because we are achieving the 5 regular Stratocaster combinations when the pull/push is down.
This time, in the alternate mode (pulled up), we achieve the following combos, instead:

1. Neck in series with Middle in series with Bridge
2. Neck in series with Middle
3. (Bridge in series with Middle) in parallel with Neck
4. Bridge in series with Middle
5. Neck in parallel with Middle in parallel with Bridge

I would swap postions 5 and 1, to make it going from weak to strong.
Respect of mod 02, we are loosing the Telecaster-like intermediate position (Neck and Bridge in parallel) and, we are adding a virtual bridge humbucker (bridge in series with Middle) in parallel with Neck, what gives a very interesting combination with strength an openess, at same time´

1 comment:

  1. Is there a strat s1 wiring that offers the following?

    S1 out
    1 N
    2 N M parallel
    3 M
    4 M B parallel
    5 B

    S1 in
    1 N B parallel
    2 N M series
    3 N M B series
    4 M B series
    5 N B series



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