We are always focussing our attention on guitars, amps and pedal effects and, we usually forget that accessories are part of our tone.
Cables, plugs, picks, strings, etc. All those accesories play their own rol in our gear.

I was highly surprised when I did a test of several picks (or plectros), of variate shapes, sizes, stiffness and materials.
With some picks I was able to play way better than with others (In fact, I choose my pick Maker and Model and I am always using it since that day).

Same happened when comparing string models, gauge, materials, etc.
I choose my string's Maker and Model this day and, I am using the same since then.

Same experience I had with Guitar cords and patch cables. Even, the AC Adaptors used to provide electricity to pedal effects had a clear impact on the sound.

So, I would like to put everything related to accessories together in this static page, that will grow and change from time to time. Maybe some generic information over every accessory type and then, links to some reviews or demos that are being posted in this blog.

Also, generic entries that apply to the whole rig and, that can need of certain tools, will be added here.


Following link has a generic description of cables, their issues and how different makers approach to solutions:

Which is the best cable for Guitar Cables?

Tests, Reviews and Demos

Sommer Cable SC The Spirit Review
Neutrik NP2RX-BAG Plug
Neutrik TimbrePlug Test
Mogami vs Evidence Audio
Evidence Audio: Pay once, enjoy your whole life!
Evidence Audio Monorail and SIS system plugs


Test of picks or plectros
Yamaha StagePass 300 PA System
How to troubleshoot noise in our rig
Testing Zoom Q3HD video recorder
Socket Tester review
Power Conditoner: Phonic PPC9000E Test
A reflexion about the importance of voltage in guitarist's gear
Accessories: Planning your voltage and current needs for your pedalboard
Testing V-picks with traditional shapes

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