Pedal Effects

This static page will contain an organized set of writings and links to blog's entries related to the world of Pedal Effects for Electric Guitars.
We will start with a description of which categories of effects do actually exist and, what is expected for every family of pedals belonging to every category.

Following these generic introductory texts, I will try to summarize the links to already posted entries related to Reviews and Demos that I made.

The idea is that you can easily find whatever the topic related to pedal effects are you looking for.
The contents of this static page will be progressively updated with new entries and, entries revisited from my old blog. Stay in tune.

General info about pedal effects

Here you will find general info about pedal effects, what they are, what they do, how to arrange them in a pedal board, etc.

Pedal Effects: What they do? - Part 1
Pedal Effects: What they do? - Part 2
Pedal Effects: What they do? - Part 3
Pedal Effects: What they do? - Part 4
Pedal Effects: What they do? - Part 5

Pedal Effects: Hardwired, True Bypass, Buffered, Impedance: pedalboard madness
Pedal Effects: Order and troubleshootting pedal boards - Part 1
Pedal Effects: Order and troubleshooting pedal boards - Part 2
Pedal Effects: The Wah effect
Pedals: Stacking my Wampler pedals - the right order
Pedals: Testing stackability of Wampler pedals
Pedals: '2013 pedalboard - pedal settings
Accessories: Planning your voltage and current needs for your pedalboard

Tests, Reviews and Demos


TC Electronics Polytune

Noise Gate / Hum filter

Electro-Harmonix Hum Debugger
ISP Technologies Decimator and G-String Decimator

Buffer / Line Driver

3 Buffer Comparison (MXR MC-401, Wampler Clean Buffer, Mad Professor Rub Red Booster)


T.Rex Comp Nova and MXR Dyna Comp reissue comparison
Wampler EGO Compressor


3 Wah comparison (Vox 847, Roger Mayer Vison Wah, Real McCoy RMC4 Picture Wah)
Pedal Effects: Area 51 Wah - First contact
Dunlop Joe Bonamassa Wah


Mesa Boogie GridSlammer
Badger Badgerplex Trilogy


Fulltone OCD, Ibanez TS-808
Fulltone Plimsoul
Wampler Euphoria
Wampler Plexi Drive
Wampler Paisley
Wampler Tweed '57
Wampler Tweed '57 in depth
Weehbo PlexDrive and JCM Drive - First contact
Weehbo Dumbledore
Weehbo Helldrive
Hermida Audio Zendrive
Suhr Shiba Drive Reloaded
Xotic SL Drive
Jetter Gear Jetdrive
Jetter Gear Gold 45/100 and Jetdrive


Wampler Pinnacle
Wampler SLOstortion
Wampler Sovereign
Weehbo Bastard
Hermida Audio Tiki Drive
Suhr Riot Reloaded
Mesa Boogie Flux Drive
Mesa Boogie Throttle Box
Mesa Boogie Drive Pedals
ProCo RAT Whiteface reissue


MI Audio Neo Fuzz
Wampler Leviathan Fuzz


Wampler Nirvana Chorus


Line6 Tone Core Verbzilla
TC Electronics Hall of Fame


Fulltone MDV2 - Mini Deja Vibe 2
Dry Bell's Vibe Machine


MXR '74 Phase 90 reissue and Electro-Harmonix Small Stone Nano


TC Electronics Flashback
Strymon El Capistan - First contact

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