16 November 2012

Wiring Diagram: LP - 1 Prail - 4 sounds


Guitar Modded

Gibson Les Paul

  • HH Pickup layout (1 4 conductors P-Rail, 1 braided single conductor humbucker)
  • 1 Swiftcraft 3-way toggle switch
  • 2 volume pots (1 with pull/push)
  • 2 tone pots (1 with pull/push)

Difficulty Level



  • Provides standard LP combos, plus the 4 different sounds of a P-Rail
  • Independent volume and '50s tone for each pickup.
Wiring Diagram

Click on the diagram for a full sized view.


With pull/pushed down, we achieve the typical LP combos.
The requester wanted to control the P-Rail neck pickup just with the two pots assigned to neck pickup (NV = Neck Volume, NT = Neck Tone).
For more easy memory map, the Neck Volume (the upper one) selects the P90 coil (up) and the Neck Tone (the lower one) selects the Rail coil (down).
For the 4 sounds switching, I am not using the SD standard (by Frank Falbo) but, the approach of ArtieToo, that avoids the antenna effect when the outer coil is being selected.
Color codes correspond to P-Rail, therefore Seymour Duncan's ones. The white wire is being represented here in light blue.
Volumes are wired in an independent way.
Tones are wired as per '50s mod, to provide an smoother roll off of trebles, when rolling off the volume.

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  1. I tried this and the volume push pull acts as a shut off for the whole p-rail. Is there something missing or wrong in this diagram? I double checked my work 2X and it matches your schematic perfectly.


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