17 October 2012

Wiring Diagram: Ibanez SZ320 mod 01


Guitar moded

Ibanez SZ320

  • 2 humbuckers
  • 2 volumes
  • 1 tone
  • 3 pull/push DPDT on/on switches
  • 1 Ibanez 4PDT toggle switch

Difficulty level



  1. 2 pull/pushes work togethet to select 4 different sounds for both humbuckers at once (split slug, split screw, coils in series, coils in parallel)
  2. The 3rd pull/push selects both pickups in series or parallel, independently of which coils were selected.
  3. Independent volumes for each humbucker
  4. Common tone control

Wiring Diagram


Ibanez 4PDT switch works differently of all the 4PDT option we saw during my DIY articles. In this case, the two center poles are shorted to the upper lugs in the middle position, while the extreme poles are down.
Pickups wiring color schema corresponds to Seymour Duncan pickups so, if you are using other kind of pickup, be sure to translate color codes.

Neck's Volume pull/push and Bridge's Volume pull/push work together and are highly dependent.
When NV p/p is up (alone), screw coil is selected for both humbuckers.
When BV p/p is up (alone), slug coil is selected for both humbuckers
When both NV and BV are down, both humbuckers work as regular humbuckers (coils in series)
When both NV and BV are up, both humbuckers have their coils in parallel.

When Tone's pull/push is up, both pickups are arranged in series and, EVERY position of the 3-way switch will have those pickups in series. Pickups are in series, independently of which coils were selected with NV and BV pull/pushes.

Volumes are independent for each pickup so, when combined, you can select the exact mix of every pickup that will be output when combined together but, when both pickups are in series the neck volume becomes some kind of master volume and, if you completely roll off the bridge's volume you will get no sound.

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