13 July 2012

Pedals: Plexi Drive


Since I am interested in electric guitars, the amps I always dreamed where those early Marshall's. The JTM45, JTM50 and the 1959 are my recurrent dream.
When I had to buy a tube amp, those were always on the top of my willings but, I had to downsize my rig to be able to enjoy a good tone with less low watts.
To be honest, I cannot crank any of those amps at home and, where is the fun then?.
But tone is tone and, I love that classic Rock tone so, I am dreaming always to have those amps.... but... wait a moment... once more that guy... Wampler is doing a JTM45-in-a-box pedal, would it work for me?.

Well, that's all about this entry.


Same as in the complete line of Wampler's pedal. Anonymous white carton box, with the pedal inside a fabric bag and surounded by bubble plastic.
Typical sticker with Wampler's logo, some ads about rest of line and a single-sheet "user's manual".
Pedal is build like a tank with the beautiness of a deluxe car, as always.



Well, you guess it, this sets the overall volume output of the pedal. Very useful to tweak Unitary Volume level.


This is the distortion level, always in the ballpark of those earlier Marshall's so, don't expect high gain distortion but just that amazing distortion that old Marshall's delivered to Rock's dinosauries.


This adds or rollls out trebles but, the sound is always maintaining the basis foundational sound of those old Marshall's.

Bass Toggle Switch

This will add a bunch of basses to your sound.

Playing it

Well... does it perfectly emulates a JTM45 on fire?. Then, dude, I don't know but, it's definitively in that ballpark. All those sounds that you are use to, because of the many rock bands that exhibit it and, the bunch of songs recorded with that rig is there. Yeah!, is there!.

The pedal can be a single-trip poney but, what it does it does with stunning attitude and sound.
Do you ever wanted to sound like "The Song Remains the Same" disk, recorded live in Madison's Square Garden?.  Do you wanted to have AC/DC tone on your rig?.
Yeah!, put your fingers at work, it all depends on your soul and touch but the sound is there, OMG, is there!.

If you are more interested on shredding, death metal and similiar, you can forget this pedal, that's clear but, if you are still dreaming with that JTM45, JTM50 or 1959, try this fucking pedal!!!.

I can say just one thing more: Thanks a lot, Wampler, you made me really happy!.


As I said, not a versatile pedal as other Wampler's but, this pedal was designed to sound as that signature Marshall' sound that moved the rock world and this, it does well hands off.

The video is short and just a quick review of several settings, while I was checking the unit. Take into account that anything in Youtube sounds way worst than live. I don't know what you will think but, man, this is the more exciting amp-in-a-box pedal I've ever tried.

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