30 July 2012

Pedals: Exploring Wampler's gain pedals combos


Following with my tests of Wampler's pedals, I am still enjoying the different gain nuances that you can get by combining two or more Wampler's gain pedals.
From all possibilities, I have my preferrences, as follow:

Paisley into Euphoria

Probably the one I like more. These two overdrives bring a very Rock-Stadium sound when stacked together. The Paisley gives to Euphoria that mid-low bit and the Euphoria opens a bit the overal sound of the Paisley, giving a tube-like sag to the final sound, also.

Paisley into Plexi Drive

The senstation of driving a vintage amp with a vintage tube screamer. Just delicious. Vintage Hard Rock.

Euphoria into Plexi Drive

While being similar to Paisley into Plexi Drive, those two pedals combined have a lot of openess and definition. Part of the excess of compression than the Euphoria can have is being removed in this combo.

Euphoria into SLOstortion

The Euphoria seems to clarify that boxy sound that the SLOstortion has on its own. It's the sound of an SLOstortion but, way clearear and less boomy.

Plexi into SLOstortion

Even more open that the previous one. With some of the bite and sparkle of Marshall amps but, with the depth basses and liquid distortion of the SLO 100.

Paisley into Pinnacle

A good marshall driven by a Tube Screamer?. That's the ballpark, more or less. Absolute Stadium Rock.
The slight high frequencies roll off of the Paisley help to tame a bit the harsh of the Pinnacle. Resulting sound has anything you need for hard rock.

Plexi Drive into Pinnacle

Well... that's pure Marshall sound. The marshallish sound of the Plexi, together with the hot-rodded marshallish sound of the Pinnacle bring a vintage hot-rodded marshall, all the way down.
It remembers to me the sound of Ritchie Blackmore's guitar.

You've got a mail!

I have a friend on NY, on holidays. I just received a mail from him that he was on GC and, just picked up a Soverign distortion for me. I want him to enjoy his holidays but... I cannot wait so much time. Please, come back and bring me that pedal!!!!. AGGGHHH!:


This is a short video with the combos I've described above. Better to hear than to try to explain them.
A short one this time (about 7 mins) and, no speech.
Enjoy it.

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