01 June 2012


Hi there!.

I am coming back with a redesigned Blog and, in English language again.
Actualy, I have a lot of info ready in Spanish language, in my frozen old blog (Old Hermetico Guitar's Blog), that I will translate, redesign and include as an entry in this current Blog.

For sure, new entries have priority so, everything I will eventually try, discover or wanted to discuss about, will be inmediatelly post here. Old info will be available step by step, when having some time.

What is new from a Blog design perspective is the existence of a Menu Bar under this Blog's Header and Title. That Menu Bar contains Static Pages with information that will remain static or maintained from time to tieme but, that doesn't have the volatibility of daily entries in this blog.
Please, be sure you read the page READ ME!, which is some kind of Roadmap about what I am planning to do on this version of my blog.
I am also providing some useful tools to the reader, as the Translation and Search utilities whitin this blog, both tools powered by Google.

As ever, my Wiring Diagram Design Services are available to you. Please, read the page Wiring Diagram Design Service, for detailed info about this subject.

I am not perfect. I don't know everything and I can be wrong in some points. Every entry is made with honestity (If something is wrong, it wasn't never my intention) and according to my current knowledge and experiences.

I am not sponsored by any brand or product in any single way so, every opinion is strictly personal and honest and as objetive as it can be. Music is a matter of taste, as any art so, maybe what works for me or likes me cannot work for you or like you. Therefore, take all my comments with love and care.

Please, feel absolutelly free to share your opinions, experiences and point of view over every blog entry or subject. I will remove just offensive comments and will ban pure Trolls. Critics, even negative ones, made with education are wellcome.

Time to write my first NEW real entry....


  1. Bueno, algo me decía que ibas a volver. Y la verdad, me has dado una alegría en un día un tanto desagradable.

    1. Mmmm, pues, sinceramente, ya sabías algo más que yo.
      He tardado mucho en decidirme y, aunque he dado el primer paso, aún se me hace cuesta arriba todo el trabajo que me queda por delante.

      Solo decirte que tú también me has sorprendido. ¡Me has empezado a leer ANTES de haber escrito nada en concreto!.
      ¡Muchas gracias!, de corazón.
      Espero que tengas más alegrías en lo que queda de día.


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